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All our videos are produced & edited right here in our studio not overseas!

Our chief editor, Simon, compiles all our Motion Graphics videos ‘in-house’ by customising designs to suite our clients image. We don’t out source our editing, the people you speak with are the people who work  and edit your project.

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Lets See What The Business Experts Have To Say About Video…

iPresenters strength is clearly our ‘Motion Graphics’ videos. Our style of corporate video editing is second to none offering a first class production to showcase your product or service in the best light possible. Regardless of the promo, a marketing campaign headed by one of our motion graphics videos will set a new level of prestige to your companies profile and rank your business above your competitors.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words then video is worth a thousand sales.”

“Watch-a-bility?” Yes, it’s a great to have a corporate website video however you can’t just upload any old thing! The goal of a great video is for the viewer to be entertained, captivated and to watch it all the way through to the end! Adding a poor quality video will have the viewer become disinterested within seconds and stop watching before you’ve made your point. This can also damage the integrity of your business. Anything of poor quality will just diminish your credibility in the eyes of your viewers and the company that you represent.

iPresenters motion graphics videos do just the opposite. Our corporate, promotional and marketing videos keep the viewer watching right through until the end. Our eye catching graphics and quirky designs will fascinate and charm the viewer delivering your message convincingly and encourage trust and wanting to do business with you and your company. Text alone cannot convey this kind of power.

So if you’re in business today, you need to be online. If you’re online then you need the power of video to set you apart from your competitors. iPresenters will achieve that for you. If it’s a marketing video, sales video, training video, promotional video or corporate video, we have the expertise to build the right video for you.

And all this isn’t as costly as you might think. Our videos are surprisingly affordable.

We take the worry out of producing your video for you. Ask us how!

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