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Video Solutions : All Industries : All Applications

The future success for any online business today will depend more and more on a website with video content and the experience it creates for its viewers and iPresenters video products will achieve this! Our website video presenters ‘Walk-On’ web presenter videos will engage your customers with its unique ‘Call-To-Action’ that immediately relay’s your company’s important information in seconds, well before they get the urge to leave your site. Our ‘Motion Graphics’ corporate videos will entertain your browsers and showcase your products and services in the best possible light bring a new level of prestige to your company.

Did you know that:

  • YouTube is second only to Google as a preferred search engine.
  • Your customers would rather watch a video about you and your business than read your webpage or newsletter.
  • Videos portray ‘trust’ and the confidence that the browser is dealing with a real business.

Website Video Presenters – Powerful Marketing Tool

You can’t ignore the marketing power of online videos!

Here at iPresenters we specialise in an array of video products such as:

  • Walk-On Web Presenter Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Education & Training Videos
  • Micro Videos for Social Media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter’s Vine)
  • Product & Service Videos

Getting your message across will rely more and more on an engaging and professional video for your business to showcase your company’s products and services. Videos now appears in 75% of the top 100 online search results listings, and viewers are 85% more likely to engage with your business after watching a video plus, YouTube is second only to Google’s search engine meaning people would rather watch a video as a result to their search as apposed to reading text or even looking at still images.

Our iPresenters video products are powerful, polished and engaging so if you want the best from the very best, then choose Australia’s number one, iPresenters.

Reasons To Choose iPresenters

  1. Plays On All Platforms & All Devices Including Apple iPhone & iPad
  2. Best Price Or We'll Beat It By 10%
  3. All Inclusive Price, No Ongoing Fees
  4. Superior Class Of Professional Presenters
  5. Free Conversion For YouTube And Social Media
  1. Our Standard Video Length Is Up To 60sec
  2. Ownership Of Your Video, No 3rd Party Streaming
  3. Superior Sound
  4. Free Stand Alone Player
  5. Easy Installation

Corporate Video Benefits!

  1. Fresh, Eye Catching, Motion Graphic Designs
  2. Help Customers Connect With Your Company
  3. Define Your Brand
  4. Showcase Your Company's Image
  5. Key To Decision Making
  1. Gain The Confidence & Trust Of Customers
  2. Explain Your Products & Services
  3. A Step By Step Guide
  4. Solutions To Frequently Asked Questions
  5. 10. Relay More Information In A Short Space Of Time

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